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The Easiest Macramé Plant Hanger!

There are so many styles of macramé pot plant hangers out there, and it can become a little overwhelming when starting out as a beginner macramé artist! If you are ready to learn how to macramé, the first thing that usually comes to mind is how to make a macramé plant hanger. However, a lot of macramé patterns use a wide variety of tricky macramé knots, and it can get confusing.

Well, I have the easiest plant hanger for you to make! This is the perfect project to start with if you are new to macramé. It uses knots you already know, and once you have made this very quick and easy pot plant hanger, you will feel more confident to move on to something a little more involved. This macramé project will give you the basic concept of how to create plant hangers.

All you will need for this macramé pot plant hanger project is some macramé cord, a metal or wooden hoop, and a plant to hang, thats it! You can use any kind of cord you like for this project, however I would recommend using a cord size between 3mm - 6mm.

Now, measure how far down you want your plant hanger to hang, and multiply this length by 4 - this is how long to cut your strings! As an example, if you want your plant hanger to measure 1 metre long, you will need to cut your cords to 4 metres each. Cut 3 cords to your desired length.

Watch the full macrame tutorial below for the step by step instructions.


- Macramé cord: 3x cords cut to your desired length (RULE OF THUMB: 4x Length of finished plant hanger)

- A metal or wooden hoop

- Scissors

- A plant!

Once you have made this very simple pot plant hanger using my beginner macramé tutorial, you will be ready to move on to learning some beginner macramé knots, and then incorporating them into your plant hanger patterns.

Make sure to check out my full video tutorial series on beginner macramé knots HERE. I also have a free knot guide, filled with step by step instructions on how to make the basic macramé knots available at

I also have a more challenging macramé pot plant hanger pattern, which is a great step up from this beginner macramé plant hanger project. Check it out HERE.

I hope you have had fun making your very first macramé pot plant hanger, or if this isn't your first, maybe you are just excited that you have found a super quick and easy way to hang up all of your plant babies!

Here's to finding our peace in creativity!


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