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Create your own yoga mat strap with easy to follow instructions. If you have ever wanted to make a DIY Macrame Yoga Mat Strap, this is the perfect pattern to try! Plus you could also use this same strap as a blanket or towel holder. The strap allows for adjustments to suit the size of the item it will be carrying, so it is versatile and will fit mostly any mat!


The downloadable PDF includes 10 pages of step-by-step instructions, with clear images for each step.


In this pattern you will require the knowledge of:
- Larks Head
- Square Knot
- Spiral Knot
- Double Half Hitch
These knots are all beginner knots, with links to free tutorial videos also included in the pattern. 


You will need the following items to create the pattern:
- cotton/macrame cord.
- D Rings.
- Tape Measure.
- Scissors.
(specific measurements included in pattern, METRIC)


PLUS if you get stuck at any steps along the way, contact Knot Calm and we will happily assist you with any questions and clarify any steps. Email for questions.


You will receive your instant downloadable pattern PDF after you have processed your payment.



Copyright 2020 by Knot Calm. All rights reserved.

Please note that items made from patterns cannot be sold or auctioned. Patterns are copyrighted and are intended for personal home use only.

This downloadable PDF document and all of its images and text are protected by Australian and International Copyright laws. No part of the document may be reproduced, distributed, communicated or transmitted in any form or by any means without prior written permission from Knot Calm. Editing, photocopying or reproducing of any content in this document is strictly prohibited.

Please contact for permissions.
Gold Coast, Australia.

Macrame Yoga Mat Strap Pattern

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