COLOUR: Stormy Mauve


  • This roll is approximately 0.72kg and 120m long.
  • It is a minimum of 80% cotton
  • This yarn is approximately 2.6cm wide, has tiny selvage holes 
  • Elasticity: 5cm of this yarn stretches out to around 7.8cm (fairly stretchy)


T-shirt yarn is super strong and hard-wearing, and a fantastic chunky textile for making rugs, baskets, bags, and more structural projects. Great for macrame, you can also knit it, crochet it, weave it - your imagination is the limit.


T-shirt yarn is made from the fabric roll remnants of t-shirt manufacturing - so it's great for making and better for the world. Congratulations for saving this beautiful new fabric from becoming landfill!


Due to the recycled nature of t-shirt yarn, we may not be able to stock the same colours when these ones sell out, so please make sure you've got enough for your entire project!


This T-shirt yarn is sourced from Ministry of Yarn and is an environmentally sustainable product - 100% recycled yarn, fairtrade, and at least $2 from every order they receive goes to the Compassion Mum's and Babies program. See more about their story at

Stormy Mauve T-shirt Yarn