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About Courtney 

The Artist behind Knot Calm

Courtney was born and raised on the beautiful Gold Coast, where her mother was always encouraging her to be in touch with her creative side. After discovering Macramé as a hobby over 5 years ago, Courtney has since dedicated much of her time expressing herself through this art form, as well as teaching others how to macramé and achieve mindfulness in the process. 

"This is not like work to me. Being able to teach others how to macramé and create things by the means of their own hands is so rewarding. Everyone walks away feeling a sense of accomplishment, which is so joyful to see."

Courtney has always felt a correlation between the creative process and achieving a quiet mind, and with many studies that also link getting creative with an improved general wellbeing, it makes perfect sense. 

"As you zone into your art making, you zone out of the world around you and go into a state of meditation. I have always found that getting creative and expressing through art and macramé has helped to lower anxiety, stress and build mindfulness."

My latest projects

Latest Collections

Ocean Collection

Watching the ocean waves roll in, smelling the sea in the air, and diving into the salty blue water always seems to wash away your worries. This collection was inspired by the Gold Coast Beaches, where Courtney grew up. 

Simplicity Collection

Collecting Driftwood, ripping up cheesecloth and t-shirts - sometimes the simple materials make for the most beautful designs. 

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