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DIY Macrame Baby Swing with Pattern

Is there anything more beautiful to see then a happy baby swinging in their handmade macrame baby swing? I was first approached by a customer a few years ago now to create a baby swing for there baby girl, Luca, who was turning one! When I was asked to create the baby swing, I had never made something like it before, and so the journey began towards working out the best way to make a macrame baby swing. Using hours of planning and preparation, as well and many more hours of tying knots, I had finished my first baby swing and was thrilled with the results. A happy mum sent me this photo of Luca in the baby swing, and I was so proud of my finished macrame product.

After this custom order was finished, and I shared my creation online, the orders for more swings began to flood in, and I realised how much everyone adored the baby swing that I had created. I also quickly realised that people had so many questions on how I created the macrame baby swing, and wanted to make one for themselves. I time lapsed a video of me creating the swing to show how much time and effort went into making one of these swings.

Now, I have created a Macrame Baby Swing Pattern which shows you step by step how to create a baby swing just like this one. It has a list of all the materials you will need, as well as easy to follow instructions with clear images for each step. You can purchase a copy of the Macrame Baby Swing Pattern online for instant download to your computer.

So many crafty people have already purchased the pattern and made their own macrame baby swings. I am so proud of all the amazing swings I am seeing from people who are knotting all over the world. Here are some of the reviews:

"First time ever macrame-ing and was actually able to do it. I surprised myself. Thanks for the great step by step instructions!" - Zoie

"This is a great pattern! Easy to follow with helpful photos. I have made one swing so far and I am so happy with the result." - Phillipa

So, if you have ever thought that you might want to give creating your own baby swing a go, all I have to say is DO IT! Its a great project to take on, so rewarding, and not as hard as what you would think!

Here's to finding peace in creativity,



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