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How to Macrame the Larks Head

The larks head knot is perfect for starting all of your macrame wall hanging projects. Its the perfect knot to use to anchor your strings onto any item such as a dowel or piece of drift wood. Besides that, once you have learnt the basics of the larks head knot, you can use it in so many different ways to create neat effects in all your macrame DIY projects.

Below is a Macrame Video Tutorial on how to create the larks head for all your beginner macrame projects. Make sure you scroll down to check that out now!

Larks Head Knot, Step-by-Step:

Knot Calm has also created a FREE downloadable PDF guide on everything you need to know about the larks head. It includes step by step instructions on how to create a larks head, as well as many different techniques you can use after you have learnt the knot, such as a vertical larks head knot pattern. Get your copy of the Larks Head Knot Bible now!

TIP: Pay attention to which way you are knotting your larks head onto your anchor point - using the same technique every time is important for a neat finished piece. Happy Knotting!


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