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Large Macramé Boho Wall Hanging Pattern

I found myself dreaming up a large, fringe-covered, earthy coloured, boho macramé wall hanging to create, which I could hang up on the wall and also use as a backdrop for my sound bath events. So, I turned my vision into a reality, and here it is...!

Large Macrame Wall Hanging

I decided to capture the making of this macramé wall art piece in a time lapse, so others could watch how I created it and also try making this wall hanging themselves at home. Along with the time lapse, I have also created a macrame pattern in a pdf download. This way anyone at home can access the step by step instructions for this macramé tutorial, and use it to create a large macramé wall hanging at home. The macramé pattern is filled with beautiful images of each step, making this DIY project achievable for any skill level - beginner and advanced macramé artists alike will be able to follow along with the pattern and time lapse and create a beautiful art piece to hang on their wall.

The great thing about this wall hanging design, is that it incorporates two different colours which you can change to suit the room in your home, so the piece ties in with your home decor. You can also decorate it at the end in any way that suits you, whether it be bells like what I have used, beads or even crystals!

Here is what you will need for the project:

- 3mm single strand twisted cotton cord in 2 different colours (or you can do it all in the same colour if you prefer!)

- A 1.2m length of dowel or driftwood

- Scissors

- Tape measure

- Optional bells, beads or crystals to decorate

The exact measurements of cord are found in the full macrame pattern which is available at my shop. You will need approximately 250 metres of cord for the full project.

The end result of this large boho style macramé wall hanging is a piece that I am so happy with, and know that I will cherish it for years to come. I hope that you love this design as much as I do, and will create your very own version of this piece to also cherish. You can watch the time lapse video at the bottom of this blog or on my youtube channel.

Here's to finding peace in creativity!



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