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Macrame Hat Band Tutorial

When I first saw these macrame hat bands on Pinterest I fell madly in love. They have got to be the cutest thing that you can add to a hat! I wanted to make one straight away, but after some research I noticed it was quite hard to find a beginner friendly macrame pattern online. It became my mission to create a Macrame Hat Band Tutorial to share with the world!!!

Macrame Hat Band

So yes, I can be a bit dramatic sometimes, and yes, these hat bands are actually really easy to make and even a perfect beginner project for someone who hasn't done much macrame before.

The best thing about this DIY macrame hat band pattern is that it is adjustable to fit any size hat, and you can slide them on and off the hat. This means that you can make them in a few different colours and add them to all your different hats to create new outfits.

Here is what you need for the pattern:

- Hat

- Scissors

- Tape measure

- 3mm cotton cord: 6x 3m cords

You will also need to know how to make the following knots. Click on each knot to be taken to a beginner friendly tutorial.

Watch along with my below video tutorial to see the step by step instructions for making this hat band. Make sure to let me know which colour hat band you like best in the comments on Youtube and of course, don't forget to subscribe!

Here's to finding our peace in creativity!



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