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Macrame Hat Hanger for Two Hats

Are you looking for the perfect way to store your hats? Well, these macrame hat hangers are the answer! Hanging your hats up on the wall is an amazing way to store them safely, avoiding the hats becoming warped when you lie them on their brims, and also makes for a great room decor feature as an added bonus. They will add a boho or beach holiday vibe to your home.

I have created a beautiful 2 tier hat hanger design which uses a range of detailed macrame knots to create a gorgeous pattern that you can hang two hats in. You can follow along with my video tutorial to create this hat hanger for yourself at home. This pattern is a slightly more advanced pattern, which is an extension of my one tier hat hanger pattern for beginners. Both macrame tutorials are fun to make and would even look amazing as a pair!

Here is what you need for the two tier hat pattern:

- Hat

- Scissors

- Tape measure

- 3mm cotton cord

You will also need to know how to make the following knots. Click on each knot to be taken to a beginner friendly tutorial.

Watch the below video and learn how to create this beautiful 2 tier hat hanger.

I have also created a hat hanger pattern for one hat which is a more simple and beginner friendly pattern. Its a great way to make one hat a statement piece in your room, so make sure you check out my other blog post here.

Here's to finding our peace in creativity!



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