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Macrame Hat Hanger Tutorial

I just LOVE the idea of displaying hats on the wall using a macrame hat hanger, so I have created a Macrame Hat Hanger Tutorial! These hangers give any room a boho or beach holiday vibe and they are also a great way to store your hats. Hanging your hats on a wall rather than in a cupboard stops the hat from getting warped out of shape. Plus it is a unique way to store your hat that will create a feature in your space.

After thinking about away to store my woven hat, I decided to create a quick and easy 1 tier macrame hat hanger tutorial. This quick and easy, beginner friendly tutorial can be made in just 10 minutes! I have made this DIY macrame pattern simple to follow along with, so everyone can have a beautiful way to store their hats at home. The other great this about this pattern is that it is adjustable so you can make it to fit any size hat.

1 tier macrame hat hanger

Here is what you need for the pattern:

- Hat

- Scissors

- Tape measure

- 3mm cotton cord: 3x 2m cords

- Wooden or Metal ring

You will also need to know how to make the following knots. Click on each knot to be taken to a beginner friendly tutorial.

Watch the full tutorial below and make this hat hanger for one hat with me!

I have also created a hat hanger pattern for two hats, so if you have two hats that you want to hang together, make sure you check out my other blog post here.

I hope you love these hat hangers as much as I do. Good thing I don't have too many hats or my walls just might be covered in them.

Here's to finding our peace in creativity!



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