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Half Hitch Knot Bible


Everything you need to know about the Double Half Hitch in macramé design. 

The Half Hitch knot is a very versatile knot, and once you know how to manipulate this knot, you will be able to make so many different shapes and effects using it.

This FREE TO DOWNLOAD e-book is your Half Hitch Bible! It is perfect to use as a reference when creating any macramé masterpieces.

In this e-book you will find step-by-step instructions with easy to follow images, teaching the following techniques: 

- Half Hitch & Double Half Hitch

- Horizontal Double Half Hitch

- Diagonal Double Half Hitch

- Vertical Double Half Hitch

- A Zig Zag Pattern

Once again, this is a FREE DOWNLOAD, which is a part of my Knot Bible series. Click here to get your copy emailed to you now.

If you have any questions whilst learning these knots, please email 

Half Hitch Long.png
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