Square Knot Bible


Everything you need to know about the Square Knot for macramé design.

The square knot is a magic little knot with an array of uses. In macramé, the square knot is one of the most commonly used knots featured in many products and art pieces.

This FREE TO DOWNLOAD e-book is your Square Knot Bible! It is perfect to use as a reference when creating any macramé masterpieces.

In this e-book you will find step-by-step instructions with easy to follow images, teaching the following techniques: 

- Square knot (right and left handed)

- Vertical row of square knots

- Alternating square knots

- Making shapes with square knots

Once again, this is a FREE DOWNLOAD, so you really have nothing to loose! Get your copy now by providing your email in the box below, and you will receive the PDF file. 

If you have any questions whilst learning the square knot, please email knotcalm@gmail.com 

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