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Everything you need to know about how to create basic macramé knots and advanced macramé techniques.

Do you want to learn how to macramé? Are you looking for a step by step guide on how to macramé all the knots you need for your DIY macramé projects? Well Knot Calm has your answer. 

The Knot Bible is a four part e-book series which contains step by step tutorials for each macramé knot. Each booklet contains images for how to make each macramé knot, as well as advanced techniques to develop your skills even further. 

The Knot Bible Series includes: Square Knot Bible, Larks Head Knot Bible, Half Hitch Knot Bible and Decorative Knots Bible. See more details below. 

This is a FREE TO DOWNLOAD e-book series! It is perfect to use as a reference when creating any macramé masterpieces.

Get your copy now by providing your email in the box below, and you will receive the PDF files to download.

Half Hitch

- Square knot (right and left facing)

- Vertical row of square knots

- Alternating square knots

- Making shapes with square knots

- Larks head knot

- Vertical larks head

- Creating a fringe using a larks head

- Half Hitch & Double Half Hitch

- Horizontal Double Half Hitch

- Diagonal Double Half Hitch

- Vertical Double Half Hitch

- A Zig Zag Pattern

- The Josephine Knot

- The Wrap Knot

- The Spiral Knot

- The Macadamia Knot

- A Tassel

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