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How to Macrame the Wrap Knot

When I first learnt how to create the wrap knot for my macrame projects, I LOVED it! The wrap knot is such a magic knot because the ends of the cord disappear inside itself and leaves you with a finish that is neat and tidy. At first, the wrap knot can be a little finicky, however once you have gotten used to the technique, you will want to use it where ever you can (just to show off, really). Wrap knots are great for finishing a macrame pot plant hanger, or a tassel, just to name a couple of uses.

Below is a Macrame Video Tutorial on how to create the wrap knot for all your beginner macrame projects. Make sure you scroll down to check that out now!

Wrap Knot, Step-by-Step:

Knot Calm has also created a FREE downloadable PDF guide on all the decorative knots you need to know starting out. This includes step-by-step instructions for the wrap knot as well as the Spiral Knot, Macadamia Knot, Josephine Knot and a Basic Tassel. Get your copy of the Decorative Knots Bible now!

REMEMBER: Keep your wraps neat and tight, as this will help with the end result. If your wraps are too loose, the knot may unravel after some time. Happy knotting!


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