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How to Macrame the Spiral Knot

The spiral knot is such a cute little knot, and although it looks like it could be a tricky knot to learn, it is one of the easiest decorative knots to create. The spiral knot can also be referred to as the half square knot - any guesses why? Yup! It is literally the first half of a square knot repeated over and over again, creating a spiral effect with your cords. Whether you start with the right side or the left side first will determine which way your spiral knot will spin in your macrame projects. As a beginner macrame artist, this knot it so satisfying to learn! So let's give it a go.

Below is a Macrame Video Tutorial on how to create the spiral knot for all your beginner macrame projects. Make sure you scroll down to check that out now!

Spiral Knot, Step-by-Step:

Knot Calm has also created a FREE downloadable PDF guide on all the decorative knots you need to know starting out. This includes step-by-step instructions for the spiral knot as well as the Wrap Knot, Macadamia Knot, Josephine Knot and a Basic Tassel. Get your copy of the Decorative Knots Bible now!

TIP: The most important thing to remember for a perfect spiral knot is to stick to knotting on the same side; remember what side you started with. If you get lost and mix them up, your spiral just wont, well, spiral! Happy knotting!

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