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How to Macrame the Macadamia Knot

The Macadamia knot in macrame can also be referred to as the berry knot or the ball knot, and what it does is create a little ball in your macrame work. This technique is most commonly used to create a button for bags, however can also be used in projects such as wall hangings and plant hangers to create depth and texture. All you need to know first to create this knot, is how to create the square knot.

Below is a Macrame Video Tutorial on how to create the macadamia knot for all your beginner macrame projects. Make sure you scroll down to check that out now!

Macadamia Knot, Step-by-Step:

Knot Calm has also created a FREE downloadable PDF guide on all the decorative knots you need to know starting out. This includes step-by-step instructions for the macadamia knot as well as the Spiral Knot, Wrap Knot, Josephine Knot and a Basic Tassel. Get your copy of the Decorative Knots Bible now!

TIP: Creating multiple macadamia knots in a macrame piece will use a lot of string! So, make sure you take this into consideration when working out the length of your cords when cutting them for your project. Happy knotting!


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