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How to Macrame the Josephine Knot

The Josephine knot is SUPER pretty, and a purely decorative knot (unlike most other basic knots that have functionality as well as good looks). It is a hard knot to get your head around, as there is a lot of 'over, under, over' action. That's why it is best to do this knot the first few times with a step-by-step picture beside you, until you have got the flow of it mastered. Truth be told, I still forget exactly how this knot is created from time to time. Most commonly, you will see this knot in macrame wall hangings. It is also used in a beautiful belt pattern!

Below is a Macrame Video Tutorial on how to create the Josephine knot for all your beginner macrame projects. Make sure you scroll down to check that out now!

Josephine Knot, Step-by-Step:

Knot Calm has also created a FREE downloadable PDF guide on all the decorative knots you need to know starting out. This includes step-by-step instructions for the Josephine knot as well as the Spiral Knot, Wrap Knot, Macadamia Knot and a Basic Tassel. Get your copy of the Decorative Knots Bible now!

TIP: When first learning the Josephine knot technique, it may help to use two different coloured strings, so you can see clearly what you are doing. Happy knotting!


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